The Penguin At The End Of The Universe

Penguins are better than people

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Of course, while I adore Jordan Parrish as intensely as I love pizza, I must point out that instead of creating a whole new character to add to the show, they could have given this to the much-beloved and very-missed Danny. This doesn’t have to be “the Danny show” but when you have a character that loved by so many, it’s kind of hard to excuse creating all these new characters to give stories to and then shrug and say, “We just couldn’t think of anything for Danny.”
The Backlot’s 4x09 Recap

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this is a total shot in the dark, but what if the berserkers are erica and boyd? 



same height difference, the taller has darker skin and the shorter has lighter and it looked like he/her had light coloured hair underneath the bones when they fought by the car. neither one of them had anchors when they died. maybe that’s why they talk about kate and call her la loba- she brought erica and boyd back, covered in bones. she herself was never really dead so calling her la loba for that seems far fetched.

and there’s the issue with derek not gaining any power from boyd dying, which I’m guessing is why the alpha pack killed boyd on derek’s claws. the power was already being preserved somewhere. 

AND gerard obviously wanted to be an alpha, and that soon. why would he then release derek’s (whose power he aimed for) two betas when he thought he’d be the alpha by the end of the same day?

because he’d already secured them, somehow.

but with him incapacitated it would be easy for kate to use that, probably similar to what she’s doing to derek, to turn them into berserkers.

this way sinqua and gage could be brought back into the show even if their schedules clash because of the total coverage of the costumes.

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